Meet the Noahs

We’ve been married for 35 years and have two adult children, Mitchell and Christine. After graduating from college, Mitch and Christine both settled on the east coast, Mitchell in Baltimore with his wife Aimi and Christine in Boston. We also recently became Mimi and Poppo to our handsome grandson, Yoshi Chinen Noah, and being a grandparent is every bit of what friends and family have described to us. We highly recommend it.

We both grew up in western Illinois, the Quad Cities to be exact: home of the John Deere Tractor. We moved to Louisville when we got married and fell in love with the state of Kentucky as soon as we hit Spaghetti Junction. Its southern charm, its green pastures, and its incredibly humble people have made raising our family here feel like a privilege. Having children with no other family around, our motto quickly became “wherever we go, the kids go,” so every outing was a family outing, whether it was a trip to the park, out for dinner, or simply going to the grocery store.

Dinner and a Movie

We have always been a family that enjoys entertainment, both being entertained and entertaining others. One day, while on vacation at the beach when the kids were young, we were out at a restaurant and noticed a young couple canoodling and looking so in love. A few minutes later, however, we looked out the window and saw them having a very lively and animated exchange in the parking lot. We couldn’t hear what they were saying, but their body language was quite expressive.

We were filled with anticipation: how would this drama end? Before we knew it, everyone in the restaurant was glued to the window too, all of us captivated. Finally, after a good 20 minutes, the couple kissed and made up. Our fellow restaurant patrons erupted into cheers, clapping with great excitement at the “happily ever after” ending. And that’s where the concept of “dinner and a movie” was born.

Dinner and a movie can be an exciting experience, an interesting conversation, an unexpected sighting, or an intriguing read from folks we meet along the way. If you look for a good story, you’ll find it. We hope that when you ride along with us you’ll be nothing if not entertained.

Dinner and a Movie example.

When you come across a pack of superhero bulldogs while lunching with the fam

Ted Noah

Ted is an interesting character. Everyone that meets him instantly loves him. He can often be found having full-on conversations with himself because, as he likes to say, “When I talk to myself, at least I know someone’s listening.” It doesn’t matter where he is, Ted is always his own best source of entertainment. He is known for coming up with amazing songs off the cuff, like “Half Drank Sodas for Sale” and “I Hate Clowns,” as well as his “Tedisms” which you’ll soon be introduced to.

He often speaks in Seinfield quotes, so if you’re not a Seinfeld lover you may be lost in the conversation. His favorite Seinfelid quote, although he has many, is “A George, divided against itself, cannot stand!”

He is a great cook and loves the art of presentation when serving: “I like to have all the colors represented in a dish.” You can usually find him running trails in one of our beautiful local parks, like Cherokee or Turkey Run, and he’s run six marathons to date. Though one of his favorite pastimes is complaining, deep down he’s an old softy and an all-around-lovable-guy.

Becky Noah

Becky has enjoyed a long career in healthcare and loves nothing more than spoiling and caring for others. She has been a volunteer crisis counselor for Crisis Text Line since 2016 and is proud to provide support for those in need. A true animal lover, she once rescued a cat, a pigeon, and a baby squirrel all in the same week. Her lifelong dream is to own a puppy farm where puppies can run free and be serviced out to brighten up someone else’s day.

She loves baking and is known for her cakes and cupcakes. She is a big fan of butter: “the more buttah, the bettah,” she always says. She is happiest when she’s baking for others. She also enjoys canvas painting (abstract) and is self-taught, using unconventional techniques. She is a big fan of true crime, the Lifetime network, and of course, the Hallmark Channel.

Truly Scrumptious Noah

Truly is a half Beagle, half Terrier mix, aka a “Bearded Beagle” rescue. She was rescued from Barktown Rescue in Bardstown, Kentucky, after being dropped off at a kill shelter with her two brothers. The beard makes her look slightly more mature than she really is; she’s only six years old, or 42 in dog years. She’s in the prime of her life.  

She loves sleeping in her many beds, going for walks, riding in Scarlett, eating treats, getting lots of lubbies from her Mom and Dad, playing with her plethora of toys, running crazy in the yard, and meeting up with her friends on Friday nights. 

Scarlett (yes one name is all she needs)

Scarlett is a 2006 Pontiac Solstice bought by the Noahs on June 21, 2019, the day of the Summer Solstice – it was kismet. She is rather spoiled by Ted who loves nothing more than shining her up and just looking at her. He has been known to drive her with the top down when the temperatures are in the 30’s (no ice of course). She loves long drives and going on adventures so she can show off a little bit of her red sassiness. She’s definitely got a personality of her own.