I Love Louisville Cream Small Batch Ice Cream!

I scream,

You scream,

We all scream,


That’s a song I remember singing as a child growing up in the 70s. The song, written by Fred Waring in 1927, still holds a special place in my heart today. Singing it always made me happy because it almost always meant there was soon to be a frozen treat in my hand. Ice cream has been and always will be my go-to dessert — and if I’m being completely honest, it could be my whole meal. That’s how much I love it, which is why Louisville Cream “Small Batch Ice Cream” located in Louisville’s Nulu neighborhood is my new favorite place.

Ice Cream History

Though no one truly knows who invented this delicious treat, ice cream has been said to date back as far as Roman Emperor Nero in A.D 54-68 or possibly China’s King T’ang of Shang A.D. 618-907. Alexander the Great even enjoyed his own version of ice cream with snow and ice flavored honey and nectar. That just goes to show that ice cream in any form is a scrumptious treat we all crave — even kings and emperors.

Ice Cream Memories

Ice cream makes me happy — and for anyone who knows me, you know I love sharing things that make me happy. Treating others to ice cream is one of my favorite things to do. Watching their excitement as they take their time choosing a flavor brings joy to my heart. Louisville Cream co-owner Lynette Ruby agrees. When asked what memory ice cream first sparked in her, she replied, “Ice cream makes me think of not only a treat, but the independence of choosing! You might be a kid, but it’s your choice from all of these sweets. It’s so exciting trying to decide your flavor, and maybe getting a sample or two. Sampling with the tiny spoons was classy, elegant, and refined —  a whole experience in itself — and then you walk away with your favorite choice!”

Chrissy Enjoys a Cone

My kids are definitely ice cream fanatics, especially my girl. I’m not sure Chrissy has met an ice cream flavor that she hasn’t loved yet. Mitch on the other hand has his go-to flavor, Mint Chocolate Chip. Ted prefers a fruity sorbet or slush — he’s a juice guy. If he indulges in ice cream, raspberry is his flavor of choice.

White Chocolate Raspberry Courtesy of Louisville Cream’s Instagram

There was a reason Willy Wonka created such a magical place for kids. Sweet treats like ice cream are just fun. Lynette said the most fun for her is using a blow torch on the marshmallow or caramelized bananas. “The fire adds an element of excitement and a fun twist on the flavor combo.”

Red Velvet Swiss Roll with Toasted Marshmellow

Louisville Cream’s Talented Owners

Lynette told us that her business partner Darryl Goodner and their other chef Andrew Crawford dream up the flavors. “They both work in the back of the building making ice cream and pastries, which is why the shop always smells so good!”

Homemade Cones

We asked Lynette how Louisville Cream came to be. “Three of us own the place: myself, my husband Zach Hardin, and Darryl  — and we’ve all been friends for years. Darryl was the ice cream maker, Zach knew how to run a business day-to-day, and I was able to become the Creative Director and keep the business looking polished. Darryl got really good at making small-batch ice cream at home, and he asked Zach and I to help with catering and a few events. Before we knew it the three of us were pulling things off like a real business, so we made it one! But we also couldn’t do it without the rest of our team — they’re the best!”

Zach Hardin, Lynette Ruby, Darryl Goodner

Supporting Local Businesses

Louisville Cream also partners with other local businesses and uses local ingredients in their small-batch ice cream, which you all know by now we absolutely love. Lynette says, “We get our milk from JD Country Farms in Russellville, KY — which is just THE best milk to make ice cream with. It’s grass-fed, delicious, and we get to do business with another local Kentuckian. We knew we had to have their milk, because we’ve tasted it, and it’s the best you can get here in Louisville. Seriously, treat yourself to their glass bottle milk at the grocery!”

Lynette told us they get their produce from places like Paul’s Fruit Market – the peaches in their Peach flavor are from there. They use local bourbons too — “we’ve almost done too many to count at this point,” Lynette said. They also work with places like Blue Dog Bakery and Georgia’s Sweet Potato Pie Company for specialty flavors that you can purchase at their locations.

Chocolate Chip Cookies & Brownies
Pumpkin Spice and Apple Butter Cheesecake

Homemade Deliciousness

Everything they make is small-batch, to get it just right. “For things like the balsamic strawberry sauce and jams, we roast trays of strawberries to get started,” Lynette told us. The fudge and caramel sauces are made in-house, too, with real ingredients like sugar, butter, and chocolate chunks. In fact, they make almost everything in-house, with a few exceptions like Oreo cookies, of course. Waffle cones are always being made upfront, which is another reason why it always smells so good in their shop.

Oreo & Orange Creamsicle Ding Dong
Funfetti Ding Dong
Icecream Cookie Sandwich

Creating Flavors and Favorites

They love trying new flavors out. “We once got the chance to make a garlic ice cream for a Slow Food Bluegrass garlic competition, and we won first place for the dessert!” Lynette proudly shared. “We don’t usually make flavors as wild as garlic, but it’s fun to try something like that once in a while.” Usually, the savoriest thing you’ll find in their regular ice cream, though, is roasted nuts.

When asked what her favorite flavor is, Lynette said it’s the Banana Pudding. “I love that it’s fruity, marshmallowy, and there are bits of vanilla wafer cookies in it.” She gave us a great insider tip too: “To be really decadent, you can add torched marshmallow topping to a scoop of that flavor.” Um…yes!

Banana Pudding Ice Cream
Marshmellow Float

Location Location Location

Lynette told us that they chose their location because it was up and coming for people who appreciate fine dining and a fun night out. Ted and I love walking around Nulu and taking in all of its color and flavor, especially during these beautiful fall days. Louisville Cream is nestled right in the middle of unique local shops and art galleries. The area is always lively with plenty of Kentuckiana locals and the tourists our great city brings.

Mascarpone and Strawberry Take Home Pint

We asked Lynette if they had any plans to expand their business. She said they would love to have a second shop one day soon, but for now you can visit their Nulu location or buy their ice cream at local grocers like Krogers, Whole Foods Louisville, Rainbow Blossoms, Paul’s Fruit Market, and more. As Lynette said, sometimes you need ice cream for a night in!  Their small batch ice cream can also be enjoyed at Limon y Sal Mexican Kitchen where their Dulce de Leche–Traditional Latin American sweet and luscious caramel was made especially for them.

The Bluegrass Traveler’s Experience

During our visit, I just had to try the Red Velvet & Swiss Roll in a waffle cone with toasted marshmallow. It was AMAZING! The ice cream was creamy and decadent with chunks of red velvet and swiss roll. The toasted marshmallow was beyond yummy. I could have filled my cone with that alone. Ted enjoyed a Hot Fudge Sundae with rich vanilla ice cream, homemade hot fudge, a rich chocolate brownie, creamy whipped cream, and a cherry to top it off. Darryl’s small-batch ice cream is by far superior to the rest. His flavor inventions are creative, fun, and delicious.

Red Velvet Swiss Roll Ice Cream
Ted Enjoys his Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae

So next time you get a hankering for ice cream — no doubt mine will be later today — grab the fam and make a day of it. Kick around Nulu and check out the fabulous restaurants, shops, and art galleries as you make your way into Louisville Cream, where you’ll all scream for their ice cream. Remember to tell Lynette that the Bluegrass Travelers sent you.